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At DeSario Insurance, our passion for Worker’s Compensation makes us the premier choice for any business looking to reduce its Experience Modification score. Our focused “3-6-9” plan reviews your current business strategies and approach to safety. Its success has continually driven down the Ex Mod for many businesses. DeSario’s dedicated targeting of your score results in tangible insurance gains. Call or contact us for a free quote.


An experience modification, which is expressed as a percentage, compares the loss or claims history of one company to all other companies in the same industry that are similar in size. For those businesses that qualify, experience rating is mandatory. Today, more than 110,000 California businesses are experience rated, representing approximately 80% of all the workers’ compensation insurance premiums paid.

How confident are you that your Ex Mod is free of errors and thus calculated correctly?

What would your premium be if you had no claims?

Would it be helpful in your Financial Forecasting to know what your Ex Mod is going to be months in advance of your next renewal?

We can calculate it.


Our knowledge of Unit Statistical reporting, calculating an experience modification, Strategic Cancellation, Revisions of an experience modification, knowledge of current and past laws as well as reserve information and how it affects the insured’s experience modification and premium, is what sets our claims management service above the rest.

We monitor on a monthly basis all large open claims.

We provide assistance in selecting treating physicians and facilities to get injured workers to return to work as soon as possible, thus keeping your claims amounts down.


The California Workers Comp carrier landscape is constantly changing. New carriers are coming to California while others are leaving. We show you all your available options. We shop the traditional markets along with using unique nontraditional options, not often shared by other brokers.

Having more options could save you thousands of dollars in premiums.